The Art of Structures

Introduction to the functioning of structures in architecture


From Aurelio Muttoni


EPFL Press - Collection: Architecture - 2011-03-04

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    Structure is a central theme of construction, of interest to both engineers and architects; this book on architectural structures aims to facilitate the dialogue between these two professions. The chapters are organized into a progressive, step-by-step analysis of structures of increasing complexity – a structural path – stressing an intuitive approach and conveying with diagrams and simple equations the requirements behind the dimensioning of all types of structures employed in construction. This approach is particularly useful for students, providing them with an intuitive understanding of form and function, as well as the insight to make their designs more sensible, coherent and elegant.


    • Forces and equilibrium, internal forces, strength and stiffness – Cables – Cable networks, tents and membranes – Arches – Vaults, domes and shells – Arch-cables – Trusses – Space trusses – Beams – Frames – Deep beams and walls – Ribbed slabs, beam grids and slabs – Stability of elements in compression – Appendices
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