Frédéric Darbellay

Frédéric Darbellay is a Senior Scientist at the University Institute Kurt Bösch (IUKB) in Switzerland. He is responsible for transdisciplinary teaching and research activities. In 2004, he obtained a PhD in Arts and Humanities from the University of Lausanne, for his interdisciplinary research in the domain of Discourse Analysis and Communication Sciences. Frédéric Darbellay is also an author of several publications on the theory and practice of interdisciplinarity. His works integrate interdisciplinary studies in linguistics, semiotics, psychosocial and cognitive sciences and focus on the roles of epistemology and methodology in transdisciplinary teaching and research.He is involved in many academic projects and scientific networks that implement and promote the dialogue between disciplines.


Publications by Frédéric Darbellay

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Common Knowledge   - EPFL Press

Common Knowledge

The Challenge of Transdisciplinarity

EPFL Press - 2011-01-03

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A Vision of Transdisciplinarity   - EPFL Press

A Vision of Transdisciplinarity

Laying Foundations for a World Knowledge Dialogue

EPFL Press - 2008-07-07